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 Landscape Contractors

Removing Stumps To Replant a New Tree - a 2 ft. Depth in most cases Can Be Done

Planting a new Lawn - the Grinder can Cut a 6 inch Depth through roots and plastic piping Leaving debris Easy to Rake and Prepare for Planting

Flower Beds - Can be Restored to dirt and mulch Ready for Planting


Pool Contractors

Removing Stumps - Can be Removed Easily and More Affordable Than a Back-Hoe So it Can Get Back to Digging Dirt!


Wall and Fence Contractors

Removing Stumps or in most Cases ROOTS! - Don't Ever let Them be in your way Again!

I will do it for less than you trying to dig them out by hand and save your Backs for the Next Job!


Real Estate Agents

Removing Unsightly Stumps - Can be Removed Easily to Give Your Property a Facelift!


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