To Protect Your Home From Pests

(Such as Termites and Roaches) 






Findings and Recommendations

Related to the following conditions that may be found in your Tree Stumps :


SUBTERRANEAN TERMITES usually live underground because they require moisture. They travel though mud tubes to reach wood above ground.

DRY WOOD TERMITES live above ground and are usually hidden in the wood they infest. Since they don't require any contact with the soil they can be found in Tree Stumps that can spread  to your Furniture, Window Frames, Sills, Doors and many other areas of YOUR HOME!

FUNGUS grows on wood that is exposed to moisture. It can reduce the strength of the wood and can be as destructive as termites, or more so.

DRY ROT is the result of a fungus attack that has stopped being active. It can reduce the strength of the wood and can be as destructive as termites, or more so.

OTHER WOOD PESTS like powder post beetles, wood borers, and carpenter ants can also jeopardize the structural integrity of YOUR HOME!

DAMP WOOD TERMITES occur most commonly in foothill areas or where wood is kept wet for long periods of time.

EARTH TO WOOD CONTACT provides moisture  and promotes the growth of fungus on your stump which entices termites to the fungus infested wood.

FAULTY GRADE levels around your Tree Stump  can lead to excessive moisture conditions which will provide access to termites and fungus.


The American and Oriental Cockroach commonly found in California Tree Stumps

Few people realize that when they use the term "water bug" or "palmetto bug" that they are referring to the American  or Oriental  Cockroach.


American Cockroach

Reddish - brown. about 11/2 " inches  long or longer, winged, but seldom flies.


Oriental Cockroach

Adult Oriental cockroaches are shiny, dark brown or black, about 1 1/4 " inches long and have nonfunctional wings incapable of flight.


They prefer decaying organic matter, such as tree stumps left to rot, but being scavengers they will eat anything. Sweets are attractive to them. They will also feed on starchy items like book bindings and the back of wallpaper.


Females produce many egg capsules, having 14 -16 eggs hatching in 50 - 55 days into grayish - brown "nymphs". As they mature they become more reddish-brown in appearance. Adults and nymphs can be found in a variety of places. They more commonly congregate in open spaces instead of small cracks and crevices. When indoors, they can be located in dark , moist areas like basements and crawl spaces. Other likely areas indoors would be around bathtubs, under sinks and in drains. Outside this roach can be found in moist, shady areas like tree stumps, woodpiles and piles of leaves. At times they can be found under roof shingles or attics. Usually they will live outside, but will wander inside in search for food and water or during extremes in weather conditions.



If Pests are found in your Tree Stump you should have STUMP MASTERS REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY and then Sprayed by a Professional Pest Control Service.





So You Can Get Your Lawn Back or

Plant a Tree YOU Like!

 And For You Realtors Trying to Sell a Home with That Big Ugly Stump!

 Why Not Give it a Facelift and Give it 

"Curb Appeal"

 Also Eliminates Obstacles for Mowing


CURB APPEAL Stumps decrease the curb appeal of your home, and if you are selling your home or not, first impressions mean a lot.  

OBSTACLES Stumps pose irritating obstacles to lawn mowing.


  If you have a Tree Stump on your property have STUMP MASTERS REMOVE IT and call a Local Nursery and Landscaper to restore the landscaping. 


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